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Embrace contemporary living with versatile shades that effortlessly blend style and functionality, delivering exceptional privacy and sunlight control. Elevate your living experience through personalised solutions that enhance comfort, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. 

Product Benefits

  • Designed to shield against sun, rain, and wind, ensuring protection for you and your outdoor furniture.
  • Regulates indoor temperatures by minimising sunlight and glare, reducing air-con reliance for energy savings and sustainable living.
  • Enhances privacy in urban areas, blending seamlessly with various architectural styles and design themes.
  • Smart home compatibility and motorised options ensure convenient, user-friendly operation. 
  • Built to endure diverse weather and remain consistently reliable, providing lasting solutions for homeowners.
tim shades 1
tim shades 2

Product Details

  • 0% Fabric
  • 1% Fabric
  • OAK Motor
  • Powder-coated Frame