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Invisible Grilles

Explore the significance of invisible grilles – where aesthetics meet security. Unveil stunning, unobstructed views with these cables that are tested to endure forces of up to 180kg, all the while ensuring the safety of your family, especially children and pets.


Product Benefits

  • Blends better with various design styles than traditional grilles, while also offering unobstructed views.
  • Allows ample sunlight and fresh air to flow into your space.
  • Ensures a secure setting for kids and pets, safeguarding against accidental window falls.
  • Durable material to endure forces of up to 180 kg.
  • Can withstand varying weather conditions without compromising their effectiveness.

    Product Details

    • 316-grade Stainless Steel Cable
      with Nylon or Teflon Coating

    • Fixed Frames

    • Fixed Positioned Grilles

    • Casement/Sliding/Bi-fold

    • Custom Design